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DM-V1: software | DMR Digital Radio Updata:2020-08-26 Size:4363.39kb Download Click:0: DM-V1 PROGRAMMING GUIDE DM-V1 CPS V1 DM-V1 USB Drive… Address: Baofeng Building, Changfu Industrial Zone, Xiamei, Nan'an, Quanzhou 362302, Fujian, China E-mail:.


Introduction: Baofeng DM-1702 Boot Screen. By Maciej_M Follow…. Once done, start the CPS software, and go to the "Embedded message" menu with code 374612,.

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New DM-1702 problems. Walt WA7SDY. 5/09/21 #52. I recently purchased a Baofeng DM-1702 DMR which includes GPS and APRS. I cannot get it to connect to the PC software, Win10 Pro 64-bit, CPS DM-1702 V1.00.79. I have a DM-1701, purchased earlier, and it seems to be working fine with it's software, CPS DM-1701 V1.05. 1. Compatible with MOTOTRBO Hytera Tier II Radio and its repeater perfectly. 2. Dual Band VHF 137-174MHz & UHF 400-470MHz. 3. GPS Function:Support longitude & latitude position. 4. Voice Record function: Built-in 1G memory card to record TX & RX voice continuously for 9 hours 5. Analogue & Digital Dual Mode.

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Users can set the channel power through the computer programming software for high power or low power, or manually switch the high and low functions, according to the actual use of the environment and distance requirements, select a reasonable power, effectively save power. BaoFeng RadioDM-1702 / Conventional parameter General specification.

BAOFENG GPS DM-1702 Digital Analog DMR Walkie Talkie Long.

Baofeng Dm-1702 Software Mac Free; Baofeng Dm 1701 Software; Baofeng DM-1703 Dual Band DMR Digital Two Way Radio Handheld Walkie Talkie. Baofeng DMR DM-1703 Walkie Talkie VHF UHF Dual Band 136-174MHz & 400-470MHz Dual Time Slot Tier 1&2 Digital/Analog Radio. Compatible with MOTOTRBO Hytera Tier II Radio and its repeater perfectly. Dual Band VHF 137. BaoFeng Radio. Home;… Programming Software: File Name: Model/series: Host version: Detail: Download: 480PLUS_CPS 480PLUS_CPS: 888S BF-H GT-1 WP9700 BF-88T C2.

Baofeng Uv-7r Programming Software.

How Program a Baofeng UV-5R with CHIRP Software.Baofeng Uv 8d Software Download.Baofeng UV-5R Software. | Page 2 | QRZ Forums.Baofeng Radio Programming Windows 10 – summerkawev.Baofeng Software Uv5r Download – ghostwestern.A Tenway Baofeng USB Programming Cable Win 7/10.Download free UV-5R Programmer 12.10.25.Download Software – BaoFeng.Baofeng UV-5R Windows 10 Programming Made Easy V2.0.Prolific.

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MD1702 USB Tools. by Pavel Moravec, OK2MOP. Introduction. This repository contains tools for working with the MD-1702 based radios over USB. It is based on the reverse-engineered communication protocol and can be used with Baofeng DM-1702 (V02 and L02 firmware branch) and DM-X radios (theoretically also with DM-1703 and other radios sharing this codebase). Whith dmrconfig -r -t I get this: sudo dmrconfig -r -t Cannot find USB device 0483:df11 Cannot find USB device 15a2:0073 Cannot find USB device 28e9:018a No radio detected. Check your USB cable! (response seems logical, the new dm-x has 0483:5780 instead of 0483:df11) I can help to test if support is working. Thks,. The RT Systems software for a particular Baofeng radio (BAO-xxx) works for the same model radio labeled as Pofung (i.e., the BAO-5R works for both the Baofeng UV-5R AND the Pofung UV-5R). Continue shopping here for software for your new Pofung radio. Click on Handhelds then on the designation for your particular radio model.

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DM-1702 General Description. The DM-1702 and 1702B are dual band (UHF / VHF) handhelds with both Analog FM and DMR capability. The main difference is the case design. You may also see these advertised as Baofeng DM-X and Retevis RT72. In the Box. Included with the radio are the: – 7.4V 2200mAh Li-Ion Battery. – Charger base & AC adapter.

Baofeng DM-1801 running openDM1801 / openGD77 firmware.

Baofeng Dm-1702 Software Mac Hp Officejet Pro 8600 Plus Scanner Software Mac Sony Wh H900n Mac Software Music Software For Mac 10.5.8 What’s App Icons On Mac My Entire Mac Storage Is Apps Iphone Show Active Apps On Mac Free Mac Software To Edit Avi Files Lg Ultra Slim Portable Blu-ray Writer Software Mac. Baofeng DM-1702GPS. Observations First. Codeplug info further down the page. * Uses either the two-prong spkr-mic jack USB program cable, or a standard USB cable to program (radio also has USB mini jack). Both cable types will work. * Radio does APRS-GPS, but on digital only. * To temporarily mute the sub-band, press & release the BACK button.

¡ Nuevo ! Baofeng DM-1702 con GPS, VHF UHF Dual… – C4FM, DMR.

Run the CHIRP Programming Software. Click Go to Radio on the menu bar and choose Download From Radio. Choose the COM Port number for the USB cable, the Vendor (Baofeng) and the model of the radio (such as UV-5R) from the drop down lists in the pop-up box. Your radio should be connected to the computer and CHIRP should now be able to communicate.

Baofeng DM-X/DM-1702: Is this the saddest radio ever? – YLab.

Original Baofeng Programming Cable for Baofeng DM-5R DM-1702 Digital Tier II Radio. Programming software (RSS) for the Baofeng UV-B5 and UV-B6 series of portable radios Notes: Users have reported that this download is compatible with the indicated Operating Systems but an X does not necessarily mean it isn't. These radios, 748 bytes ver. CHIRP Programming Software (Free & Open Source) Baofeng DM-1702/1703 Programming Software. TYT MD-380 Series Programming Software. TYT TH-UV88 Programming Software. Baofeng CT9-FRS Programming Software. YD Tech YD UV-2 Programming Software. Baofeng CH-6DMR Programming Software. Baofeng CH-6DMR/DM1706 Contact Uploader.

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Baofeng CH-6DMR is IC Certified radio, IC Certification #: 25196-DM1706 Baofeng CH-6DMR is one of the most versatile dual-band DMR radio available. Designed for amateur usage with its large, bright colour TFT display. The CH-6DMR can store 4,000 Channels and 120,000 Contacts (VIA CSV files upload.) The frequency range. Domestic research and development of digital radio chips successful in Fujian to help industrial upgrading; Platform to build industry, to promote development of the industry total. Baofeng DM-1701: Baofeng DM-1702 (DM-X) Baofeng DM-1801: Connect Systems CS800D: Cotre CO01D (FAQ Section) Radioddity DMR Radios… Other Software Sites Baofeng.

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TECH. Support Win XP / Win7 / Win8 / Win10. Compatible with Baofeng DMR Level 1 and Level 2 Radios. Colour: Black. material: PU wire. It is only for Baofeng DM-5R Tier II DMR radio. Compatible to Baofeng DMR series Digital Mobile Radio: DM-5R, RD-5R, DM-1701, DM-1702, DM-1703, DM-1801. DMR-5R Programming Software. Customers' review. Baofeng-Funkgerät DM-1702 mit Farb-LCD-Display, DTMF-Tastatur, UHF-Frequenzbereich 400-480 MHz und VHF 136-174 MHz und langer Akkulaufzeit. Warenkategorie Produktbewertungen Detektore von Abhörgeräten Verteidigungstechnik RC und FPV Zubehör For further information, do not hesitate to contact us. This is the new Baofeng DM-760 DMR radio. Dual Band, DMR Tier 1 and 2…. Programming software is on the net, and it comes with a dedicated USB cable – which does NOT need the converter in the USB plug – this is now done in the radio…. Larger keyboard button than dm-860 dm-5r dm-1701 dm-1702,so that you can Easy to operate by your finger. 4.

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Often the Kenwood software is less than $100 so don't be a cheapskate; just purchase it. For M/A Com/Harris/GE, etc: there are two software packages that program all current and past radios. One package is for conventional programming and the other for trunked programming. The trunked package is in upwards of $2,500.

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